Well we are in the grip of a serious heat wave, and while the tomatoes enjoy a bit of heat and humidity it is a struggle to keep the garden watered. We have no rain in the forecast and the rain barrels are getting low.

Still we have managed to harvest over twenty cucumbers this week, a handful of beans, and a few hot peppers, tomatoes, squash and one zucchini.

Which we are grateful for because I was able to take some to a friend of ours that provides us with fresh eggs  each week and I like to be able to give her something in return.

The organic pesticide I read about in Jerry Baker's book works wonders! It also seems to keep the rabbits away!

I boil one whole garlic and one small onion with a tablespoon of cayenne pepper in a one quart sauce pan. I remove the solids let the liquid sit overnight, then pour it into a spray bottle and apply to the leaves and the ground around the plants. Works like a charm! I only have to spray about once a week.

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What's in your garden? What do you like to plant?
I have a mixture of vegetables and herbs, and over the years have learned (still learning) what grows best in the soil we have.
This year (2012) we have planted the following:

Tomatoes, (Heirloom, Roma, Cherry, Patio, Beef master, and Better Boys)
Bell Peppers (Green, Red and Yellow)
Hot Peppers (Jalapeno and Red Chili)
Crook Neck Squash
Black Eggplant
White Eggplant
Bush Beans
Kentucky Pole Beans
Cucumbers (bush and climbing)


We do not use chemicals on our garden as it discourages bees from visiting and pollinating, so we have a few recipes for booting our plants grow, and natural insecticides.

I will post new recipes on the home page as I discover them.

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