Sunday, December 13, 2015

Move to the Edge

As many regular readers here know, I am an Apple fan. I have have many Apple devices and have for years. However, recently I have lost faith in the Apple ecosystem. The products, marketing, lack of innovation has led me to be disillusioned by what was my favorite brand.

Most recently it was time for an upgrade to my phone. I was still using a 5c 16G. I spent several months examining the various phone options, Apple, Andriod, Windows. I decided on the Samsung S6 Edge Plus. I wanted something larger. Frankly, I don't think anyone can beat the graphics on the Samsung.

I went to several stores looked at everything. I was starting to feel like the experience was worse than buying a car.

The kind salesman at Best Buy told me to be prepared for it to take about two weeks for me to get used to the Andriod world versus Apple. But I have to say, that even though this is my first day, I am finding the transition quite easy. There are some things to get used to and I'm sure some things to learn.

So for now, as far as phones are concerned I am a convert away from the Apple ecosystem and I am enjoying living on the Edge.

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