Sunday, December 6, 2015

Jazzy Christmas

Well my knitting friends, the time is here, our fingers are cramping from the late night knitting sessions to finish those gifts we thought would be done by now.

I know about you but I started back in August, with great plans, and I have been knitting daily, but still however, I am in a last minute crunch. I don't know how that happened. I actually think I am further behind than if I had waited and started knitting later.

But, the decorations are up, the tree is lit, there are children ice skating everywhere I go, despite the temps being in the 50s.

The holiday menu is up at the coffee shops (thank you for that one).

Local radio stations are playing Christmas music 24/7 and best of all, Dave Koz and friends gave a wonderful Holiday Concert.

If you like jazz and have a chance to see this annual concert, don't miss it. Really! DH enjoys Dave Koz, and I'm a big Candy Dulfer fan and this year both on tour together. It was a perfect evening.

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