Sunday, July 5, 2015

New Journey

I have joined the fitness center associated with our local health care system. This shall be an interesting journey.

Day One - I worked out on some of the cardio equipment and walked laps on the indoor track.

The Pros - I took the first step, and I walked into the gym, overweight and out of shape.
The Cons - You would think the seats on the stationary bikes would be a bit more cushioned.

Day Two  - I met a wonderful lady who has been a member for 8 years. Her name is Theresa and she is the member advocate. She was kind enough to give me the lay of the land, and reassure me that it was a judgement free place. Which so far has been true. I told her I wanted to try out the pool today and she let me know everything I would need was poolside, kick boards, weights for water aerobics, noodles, etc. And that Bill the lifeguard was very helpful. So I put on my suit feeling a little self conscious and entered the pool area. I headed for the exercise pool at first and did a few exercises. The lap pool only had one person in it, so I decided to try some laps. Knowing my form was rusty, I approached Bill the Lifeguard and asked if he had any advise.

An hour and a half later, I had attempted the frog kick, rather unsuccessfully. And semi-successfully learned the dolphin kick. Bill walking along the pool side coaching me.

The Pros- Made new friends, learned new swimming technique, Bill was clapping by the time I was done.

The Cons - My left shoulder hurt so badly today, I had to put some heat/ice therapy on it.

Fitness Center

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