Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September. Seriously?

Okay who stole my summer? But it's fall, I have a new job, with the best group of people ever. I mean that! It is like I died and went to work heaven. It is challenging without being frustrating. Okay some days I feel like a dork, but then you learn something new and it is all good.
These folks do not believe in unnecessary stress, gotta love that. So hooray me.

Another new thing I wanted to try was gaming. You hear people talk about it in the elevator or on blogs. But I don't own a gaming console, when I was in my teens gaming meant going to the arcade and playing on bing honking machines. I did have a game console when I was a teen, but I can't tell you which one without totally relieving my age and as you know that is something a lady never does.

So how does one get started in gaming when this is your background, well like any good writer, I decided to do some research. I went to the store, looked at consoles, looked at games. Okay, which is better? Personal choice there I think. Came home didn't have too many answers so I googled xbox vs. ps3. Okay helpful, but still had questions. Time to go to the source. I got on G+ Communities found the "Gaming" community and said "hey gamers I want to get into this gaming thing, how do I start." I got some great if not at times funny advice from a very supportive group who were just as amused by me as I was some of their answers. So finally decided to try PC gaming as we have more than a few extra PC's around and a few Macs. So I downloaded BioShock, brace yourself that takes a few hours, onto my iMac and am so hooked! Why should all the twenty-somethings have all the fun!

So check out that community on G+ if you need gaming advice in a judgement free zone.

In knitting news. I finished a sock at lunch yesterday. Woot! Time to get back to the needles.!