Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring and new beginnings

It has been a long, cold wet winter for many people this year and while today the temperature is only in the mid-50's, it is sunny and there is a daffodil festival, so I have hope for warmer days soon.  There hasn't been much happening in the way of fiber crafts here at the Sheep Shack, owing to some intense studying for a professional certification. The test is in my May and I am in full panic mode at this point. It is a tough test, but many others have passed it so I know I can too!

There hasn't been much time for reading anything not related to the exam either, I'm afraid. But there is promise for so much catching up to do when all is said and done with the test. I have a my Kindle Fire HD which I love, but haven't been able to fully enjoy and I am looking forward to that. My local library just got ebooks and so I plan to make sure of those, not to mention all that is available on Amazon.
and the upcoming books by Dan Brown and J.R. Ward whet the reading appetite a bit.

And the writing of my own book can get back on track.

I hope each of you are having a wonderful spring like day!