Thursday, June 21, 2012

You Should Never Piss Off the Women with Pointy Sticks

So if your a knitter, spinner, fiber enthusiast of any kind, then you know by know about the cease and desist order from the US Olympic Committee, stating that the use of the term Ravelympics in a copyright infringement and that used in conjunction with terms such as scarf hockey and afghan marathon is in some way disrespectful to the athletes.

I wonder how many of them knit? But I digress. They have issued a follow up statement saying that they regret their insensitive statements, really?

Well I regret to inform you USOT that I will be boycotting your sponsors. I will not be purchasing London 2012 merchandise, or any other products associated with your little band corporate scrooges.

Please understand I can appreciate the need for copyright projection, but in your review of the Ravelry website that you were so found of quoting in your letter, did you see anyone profiting from the similarity of use? Was anyone selling their Ravelympics items? No, many don't even have logos on them. Team colors, country colors perhaps.

So here's to you Coca Cola, McDonald's, VISA (you will not be where I want to be this summer).

You talk about supporting the athletes through sponsorship and donations, well don't bite the hand that feeds you next time.

Here is a link to a complete list of sponsors should anyone else feel inclined to let the USOT how we feel: Sponsor List