Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What are they thinking?

I am on the final count down to a major exam and I haven't had much time for anything else, really. But on my few breaks I have attempted to catch up on some of my favorite TV Shows that I have been missing this season. It is a rather sporadic diversion,  but all study and no play, give me a migraine, so.

But one thing that has really interrupted my brief moments of enjoyment have been the commercials. I know we all don't really like them we want to get back to the hear to of things, but I mean they are annoying in more than just the usual way.

My particular pet peeves are the Arby's commercials any of them that end with that annoying little jingle at the end "it's good mood food" Okay maybe it isn't the words, maybe it is the guy singing I don't know but I swear I really dislike that commercial and it makes me not want to go to Arby's.

Arby's commercial

Then there is Dunkin Donuts. And with this one it is not just the commercial it is the whole company branding. The grammatical incorrectness of it all gives me a twitch. I refuse to encourage this branding by dining at this establishment. I have never in been in one of their stores, nor will I ever, because frankly I do not "run on dunkin" that is like nails on a chalk board to me. I just cannot handle it.


This one annoys me because it seems to ramble on, the first time I saw it I didn't realize it was a freaking car commercial. Please someone just get to the point!


Okay, I won't annoy you with my entire list, but seriously am I the only one?

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Stephanie Van Pelt said...

This Verizon commercial with the mom and daughter drives me bonkers. And to make matters worse, they released two versions.