Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Walking on the Wild Side

A brief description before I begin my story. My building is in a government complex at our end of the street are two buildings one up by the road the other in the back and backs up to a very large field, with a recycle center off to the left. Some trees and a burrow pit are straight back and to the right.

My co-workers office is the last office on the hall next to the door, it is also on the backside of the building so she has a view of the field. We often seen deer passing by. Today as I was standing in front of her desk discussing a construction plan we are both involved in, something outside her window caught my eye. I had to look for a few minutes to see what it was, then I say a black snack coming out of the tall grass of the field into the grass that is kept cut that surrounds our building. He was headed for our building. We called to one of the other co-workers who got a camera and ran outside to grab a picture. But the snake was too quick and disappeared, we think into a crack in the brick of our building. YIKES! But we are all outside now and feeling quite brave since it was determined that the snake was not of the poisonous variety. We never found the snake but we did find this guy hanging our near the AC units.

We did see the snake later returning to the field but alas still no picture of it. I'm sure he/she will be back, I just hope he stays at that end of the building.

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