Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, Fresh Start

Dear Reader,

  I'm not one for resolutions, I kinda like myself the way I am and if I need to change something well it's best not to wait until January 1 to take care of such things. I wanted to share with you my feelings on 2011, overall it wasn't a bad year. I mean sure globally things could be better, economy, war, yadda, yadda, yadda. My philosophy is I can only effect change in my corner of the world and if everyone managed their corner of the world all the corners would then add up, and the positive changes would spread and eventually, poof global change.

I do not believe that standing outside a bank building, the capital, the UN and screaming my protest of something will change anything, no one inside of those buildings are going to hear me and even if they did, they aren't listening. So I quietly effect change in my corner of the world and encourage you to do the same. That kind of change will be heard louder than any screams or protest signs ever will. Change by action not by voice.

You can also choose how and where you spend your money either by choosing to shop local or handcrafted or free trade items. You can vote out the people who you think are doing a bad job, vote in people you think will do a better job, you can choose to live green or greener you can volunteer to improve the lives of others.

Just think if everyone did just one of these things in the new year, what kind of changes could we bring about 2012?

"Things that make you say mmmmmmmmm."

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Lam said...

I absolutely loved the sentiment you expressed here--so empowered! I've often wondered about the futility of these mass protests when awareness surrounding an issue is already high. Good luck this month!