Saturday, December 17, 2011

1980 Something

A group of us were having a discussion on G+ the other day, it started with music of the 80s, posting youtube links to our favorite videos/songs and then it went over into fashion. It was so much fun I thought I'd share a little bit of it here.

Do you remember getting home from school to try to catch your favorite video on MTV before your parents got home?

I graduated high school in the mid 80s and some of the songs I remember most are
Mandolin Rain and The Way It Is, by Bruce Hornsby
Rock Me Amadeus by Falco
Our House by Madness
Come on Eilene, by Dexy's Midnight Runners. (Honestly the thing I liked the most about that band was the name!)

Some of the bands that were popular my senior year were Wang Chung, Boy's Don't Cry, Nu Shooz, (love Nu Shooz), and Pet Shop Boys. Really there are too many to name but if you want a good source for remembering some of those songs you thought you had forgotten Ultimate 80s Songs is a great site!

Now about about some of those fashions! Cuff boots were my fav. I wore mine all the time, my favorite look in high school was my high heel cuff boots with my long black wool trench coat. Don't ask.

Of course, there were the parachute pants, okay I admit I had a pair, but only one pair! And of course the Michael Jackson jacket, honestly I never got into that so didn't have one of those. But I did have the bat winged sweaters! And lets not forget the Baja Hoodies! OMG I loved my Baja, wish I still had it! I had my share of sweater dresses and wide colorful belts too! And a pair of checker board vans, I mean who didn't?

So imagine me sporting a hair do similar to the guy from Flock of Seagulls, a screaming yellow bat winged sweater (v in the back of course), stirrup pants and cuff boots! Blue eye shadow, a small seagull drawn on the side of my face with my eyeliner pencil and my twisted bead necklace! You couldn't tell me anything! So that was the look for Friday, Monday was something more like my jeans, vans and baja hoodie, sans the blue eye shadow and drawn on seagull. LOL.

And then lets not forget the arcade, my friends and I spent a small fortune on Pac-man, Space Invaders, and Galaga. I still play a pretty mean game of Galaga.

Top movies of the 80s? Risky Business, for sure. But my fav was 16 Candles, and one quote that seems to get left out of the best movie quotes of the 80s is "They F*&*& forgot my birthday!" classic.

So what are your favorite memories of the 80s? Don't be shy fess up!

Sunday, December 11, 2011