Saturday, October 29, 2011

Would Now be an Appropriate Time to Panic?

There are officially 2 days, 4 hours and 4 minutes (at the time of this writing) until NaNoWriMo starts! (National Novel Writing Month) and I had the crazy idea that it would be brilliant to participate this year! The question now is, me.!? Who let me think this was a brilliant idea.

I have notes, I have characters I have a plot, without a definite ending but a plot in general. I know how I want it to go, but I want to build some juicy twists and turns to keep any potential reader hooked on the character and the story. That I am having a little problem with, well that and the fact that I have never done anything remotely like this and oh yeah there is the whole 50,000 words in 30 days.

Palms are starting to sweat, I somehow don't think the coffee is going to be necessary. I have already appropriated Mr. Sheep Shack's Mac Book Pro, so that I can write in every possible spare minute of every day.

And of course I still have to knit the three scarves and one pair of socks I have on the needles. One scarf is part of a commission set of two hats and scarves for some little ones.

What knit fish and donkey hats and scarves, socks, lace stole, reversible cabled scarf, prepare for the holidays, write 50,000 words in 30? Sure! No problem. I'll sleep in December!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Well, all the progress with Velvet has suffered a setback. I had to take her to the vet for shots, and while our vet is extremely good and takes excellent care of all our animals. She was not happy about being in the carrier or the car ride. She had gone back to hiding in extreme places and only comes out when we bring her out. Poor thing. And poor Olive is loopy because she had to be spayed and the pain meds are tripping her out. Only Lily is normal this week and she is so happy both cats are quiet and she is the boss of the house again, even if it is temporary.

In knitting news, the cabled scarf is seriously kicking my butt. I don't know why I have done cables before, but I seem to be messing this thing up every time I touch it. So I put it down for a while to concentrate on the sock and start a fish scarf. Hopefully I will have better luck there until the cable mojo returns.

Spent the day out and about so no knitting today as of yet. But it is only 9:00 pm so plenty of time for knitting yet this night.

Well, happy knitting ya'll!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 8 - Velvet and a Little Knitting

Well between Day 3 and today, Velvet has been coming out at night when the other animals are not in her part of the house and eating. Last night we closed off the living room from Lily and Olive and just sat in there with her as she hid behind a book case. We tried tempting her with toys of every shape and color, but it was the wine corks that did it. She finally crept out on her own and started playing with the corks we tossed in her direction. Then she started running from me to Mr. Sheep Shack and back for pets on the head. So hopefully now we will see more her and I get some cute photos to share.

In knitting news, I am in the process of binding off my lace shawl. The problem I have it that you jump from US 7's to 11's for the bind off and the stitches are very tight, it makes things a bit difficult. But I will muddle through.

Monday, October 10, 2011

One More to Go!

Well dear friends,

  I have only one more row to go on the Knitpicks Seasons Summer Shawl. I will be posting before and after blocking picks soon. I have really enjoyed my first lace project, I think I will do a lace stole next. Along with the Serendipity Socks I am currently working on, a cabled scarf for Mr. Sheep Shack and oh yeah, we have what something like 77 shopping/knitting days until Christmas! Yikes!

  I had great plans back in August to knit Christmas Stockings for the whole family, hmmmm. Haven't knit one single Christmas Stocking. It's sad really.

  Oh and now, commission pieces to do as well. Thank goodness my family actually likes gift cards!

  Well back to the needles, happy knitting!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day Three - Velvet Watch

Okay, this cat is not overly huge, but she is not petite by any means and I am amazed at the places she can squeeze into to hide. We find her we bring her out set her in our laps and pet her for a few minutes. Surprisingly the basset hound is not a problem. Velvet isn't over thrilled at the basset nose in her face. But the basset just can't wait for Velvet to come down and play.

Olive however, the very petite six month old kitten is the problem. She is having nothing to do with Velvet and does not want Velvet in the house. She makes quite a show of it every time they by chance are near each other.

Today we were outside for several hours working and came in and couldn't find Velvet anywhere. Mr. SheepShack was starting to get pretty worried. We looked under and behind everything in the house. Until, I found her on the table behind his computer. It's funny she hides behind his computer and when cramping herself onto the bookshelves, she lays on his books.

Well, I hope she comes out soon, and knows all is well here. I'm really starting to worry about her not eating.

In the mean time, I think I will show Olive some Simon's Cat movies.

Have you hugged something furry today?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day Two - Velvet Watch - Updated with Pic.

If you are on G+ you may realize that we have adopted another kitty. This one is a year old and her humans were splitting up so she needed a home. She is a very pretty black kitty, so we named her Velvet. We not have Black Velvet and Block Olive Dammitcat.

Velvet has let me hold for all of about 5 minute over the past two days. She stays tucked in a book case or behind the entertainment center. She hasn't eaten anything that I can tell.

Last night/early this morning at 2:30 am I found her on the sink in the bathroom, standing on her hind legs front paws on the wall. I don't know if she thought she would be arrested for being in the bathroom or if her new home is making her climb the walls.

Velvet hiding behind the curtains.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big News from Apple Today, color me unimpressed

Being a recent convert to Apple, I am always finding ways to sing their praises to anyone who will listen and convert my old Windows friends to the side of good and light. But today, I came home all excited to update my Nano, after today's announcements for updates and the new iPhone.

So I plugged in my Nano with hands shaky with anticipation. I wait impatiently as the download progress bar moves across the top of the screen.

I excitedly eject my Nano and look at the screen......(insert screech car tire sound here) The improved icons are now one icon per screen so I have to scroll for my music, then tap music twice more to get to my playlist?! What gives! I go back I scroll some more check out the new clock faces...okay cute but I don't use the clock so no big deal.

I am momentarily frustrated until I find in settings I can turn off certain icons and restore the icons I do want to the smaller size to I can have four per screen. Whew! That was close! I was about to reset the whole darn thing!

So for me personally, I'm not happy with the update, I don't think it offers much, if you like big icons that take up the whole screen, though this update is for you! Enjoy!

Screen shots of new available icons can be seen here: Apple Nano

Monday, October 3, 2011

Have I Mentioned How Much I love Evernote, Lately?

Seriously, I love this program. I know I did a brief review of it some time back and I loved it then. At that time I was using a Windows machine and now I have converted whole heartily over to Apple.

With regard to my change over to Apple, I resisted for years despite friends singing the praises of Mac's because well, frankly I didn't understand and Windows was working for me so why change. Then I got the iPad, well I know that is not the same as a desktop or even a laptop, but I love my iPad, I don't leave the house without it so if something like that can be so awesome, how cool must a full fledged desktop be right? Right! We took baby steps though, my hubby bought a Macbook pro and I played with it. Nice, but I wasn't yet sold. And I was working from my Windows laptop just fine at the time. But then I started using Pages on my iPad and I don't care what they say, going from Windows to the Macbook pro and back isn't easy. It can be done sure, but it isn't easy. So when I started having a few issues with the laptop and doing more creative things on the computer I decided to try the iMac. I visited one in the store numerous times and then finally took the plunge. After a few weeks, I am so completely sold on any and everything Apple that I have visions reliving the scene in "Office Space" with the fax machine, with my laptop in the back yard. But, I digress, this post is really about Evernote.

I still in all honesty haven't used all the cool features of Evernote, of course they keep adding stuff all the time. But I loved it when I used Windows and I totally love using it on my Mac. For example, you can have the Evernote icon on your tool bar so that you can clip webpages into your Evernote for future reference, this knitters is really handy when you are searching Ravelry for a pattern.  Say you find that perfect lace pattern, its free, (bonus) and it directs you to a blog where the pattern is laid out. There is no "download" button, so you would normally have to go through some sort of right click gyration and copy and paste it. Unless of course you have Evernote, then you simply click the icon in your tool bar, it asks if you want to clip the whole page or a portion and like magic there it is in your Evernote account! I then have it available on my iPad to take with me everywhere. No printing out patterns and wasting ink for the pictures when you just need the text. No printed patterns to get crumpled, creased, ripped or lost in your knitting bag, or left at the coffee shop when you were meeting your knitting friends for a little caffeine in take. And it is in color with the pictures.

Now in fairness this works if you have a windows desktop or laptop and and iPad. Just clip or download your pattern, drag it into the Evernote account, if you download it to your laptop or desktop and sync the account. Make sure you have the Evernote App on your iPad and your all set!

I use Evernote more than any other shared program out there, like dropbox or sugarsync. I totally cannot live without my Evernote, to me it is a must for carrying around my knitting patterns.

Evernote Download

Knit on!