Sunday, September 25, 2011

Totally Over Facebook

Well folks, that's it for me on Facebook these most recent changes are more than I am willing to deal with. Especially the timeline feature and the new sidebar thing that scroll every time anyone does anything. For example, posting items you have read on Facebook without your knowledge or permission.
I refer you to this article:Facebook Privacy Issues.

Also, now the ability for people to tell when you have unfriended them. Chances are if you have unfriended someone, you probably don't care what they think, but it could cause ripples if you have shared friends you are keeping, or if it is someone at work. Or what if you unfriend someone by accident and don't realize it. Then your "friend" will be hurt and upset wondering why you unfriended them.

Another interesting article: FB User Dislikes

It is all just too much for me. I have a rule I do something because it is fun, when it isn't fun anymore, I stop doing it. Facebook is no longer fun. And I am concentrating on G+ and Twitter. Please come join me at either of those sites. If you still enjoy Facebook, good for you, but a personal word of caution, be very careful what you share in your profiles and in your posts. What you listen to and what you watch on Netflix, pretty soon it will be out there for the whole world to know. And personally I don't care if people know my fav Disney movie is the Princess and the Frog, but I should be able to choose to share that information; Facebook should not be sharing it for me.

Happy Knitting ya'll.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Once You Go Mac You Never Go Back

Dear Reader,

  I have been on a short hiatus, due to two events. The first, I was off for several days from work, to relax and enjoy life a bit and then had to go back..... the second, I decided that it was time to stop working on my Windows based laptop and level up to an iMac.... tada....

So the Sheep Shack writing corner is set up and ready for NaNoWriMo in November.
So the heat is on as they say.

In knitting news I finished a slouchy hat and circular scarf from my Malabrigo yarn, finished up those glomits and made progress on my shawl.

The weather here as also turned decidedly fall-like. It as 59 degrees last night and that is a bit cool for us this time of year.  So the urge to stay in and knit in the evening is quite strong. Time to turn on the knitting afterburners to prepare for the holidays.

Please don't forget the flood victims in the north east!

Happy Knitting.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I just rearranged the furniture  and had the pillows all in place and looking pretty and then.....this happened.

Starring Olive Dammitcat

Shawls, hats, mittens, oh my!

Wanted to share with you a few WIPs today,

first a mitten, the first in the pair completed last night.

This is a mitten pattern of my own design. It has the basic elements of any convertible mitten pattern but I think the process is a bit easier than most. I still need to tweak it though.

Next up the shawl, the shawl has been neglected for a few days while I wrote and knitted the mitten pattern.

Still in blog mode, of course, but it is getting there.

And last but not least, the slouchy hat using the Malabrigo...I plan to finish it today and can't wait for it to get cold enough to wear it!

But so far today I am in cleaning/organizing mode so the knitting will come later. Also, making some beef stew in the slow cooker today. Yummy! Now if I could find the time to made some bread to go with it......

Well Happy Knitting!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Well we survived Irene with very little physical damage here at the Sheep Shack, no flooding or downed trees in the immediate area. But we did lose power for about 24 hours and Internet for a couple of days. My cell phone only just returned to normal yesterday. But these things are unimportant and material when compared to damage in other areas and the fact that some of my co-workers only just had their power restored this weekend.

Here are a few pictures of the storm from the Sheep Shack window:
Irene moving in

Patio after Irene

Clear skies chasing Irene away
Much knitting was done during the storm, I worked on the shawl, started a hat and some convertible mittens.

I hope everyone reading this a safe and wonderful Labor Day, and if you experienced Irene that you are on the road to recovery, so many places were hit harder than we were and if your are being affected by TS Lee, my thoughts and prayers are with you that you do not suffer damage.