Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blame it on Rio

Dear Reader,
This notice is coming to you later than I would have liked but you still have time....Angry Birds Rio is free today. So go to your App Store and down load today. The regular price is $2.99.

A Little of This and a Little of That

A little of this or a little of that: You can get with this or you can get with that okay so maybe they weren't thinking of knitting when they made this video even though the band is Black Sheep.

So today have a little of this and that to share, a little knitting and a little techie stuff too.

It is cold and rainy here, there was even snow in the area, though I haven't seen any and it is 35 degrees so just freezing rain, little happy ice pellets bouncing around out there. yuk. But the silver lining to all those clouds out there is that it is a perfect day for knitting, blogging, fantasy sports and games, right?

I'm making progress on the KAL sweater vest, although I believe I am lagging behind the rest of the knitters, but I have the back complete and am working on the front. The back is in stockinette stitch the front is in a traveling vine stitch. A band of ribbing will be added to the neck and sleeves, when all is done.

There is also a plain vanilla toe up sock in progress.

On to techie stuff: Now many of us got happy with the Angry Birds game and it seems to have lost some of it's exciting, but before you delete from you phone or iPad, they came out with updates in the past week to add levels, so take heart not all is lost. For the Angry Birds HD, it added level 14 within chapter 5 of the saga. It isn't the most challenging level, but it is fun. And for Angry Birds Seasons lovers, a St. Paddy's day level was added. (Added a little sooner). The latest game to knock Angry Birds out of this top download spot is Tiny Wings. It is a cute game, adorable little bird with you guessed it...tiny wings, so he needs your help to fly. While it lacks the excitements and satisfaction of destroying things you get from Angry Birds, it can help pass the time if your stuck in line somewhere. And of course, Angry Birds HD is free for Android phone users. Speaking of Android phones, if your a Trekki, the Tricorder  app is a must. Lots of fun with a GPS function, and other fun features, like acoustic and magnetic readouts. Just plain fun. There is a Captains Log app for the iPhone4, that allows social networking of your log as well as a private log.

Once last image before I close for today.

Recent Super Moon, color me unimpressed. I've seen more impressive Harvest Moons. I guess with all the hype I expected more. Still pretty but not "super".

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A "Super" Week

Well it  has certainly been an interesting and full week. Starting with last Sunday. It was the annual Stash Swap at Knitting Sisters and I took three bags of stash.

Some of it was some very unattractive gold acrylic, it did not find a home at the swap with another knitter but it did find a new exciting home. Knitting Sisters supports local area schools and groups that teach knitting and other crafts to children, so it found a home with a worthwhile group.

Then Lily is feeling more active with this unusually warm weather we are having and treed a raccoon at 7:00 in the morning, alerting the entire neighborhood to her triumph.
Yesterday, I had a fabulous day, it was nearly 80 and I was able to leave work early to meet some fellow knitters for lunch along the York River at The Riverwalk Restaurant. Anna, Cathy, Julie and I had a wonderful time, knitting, and chatting. After lunch Anna and I had time to sit outside along the banks of the river and enjoy the sun while we continued knitting on our KAL Sweater.

Tonight is the Super Moon, here is a little info:   Super Moon NASA

I am going to try and get some pictures tonight and will share them if they turn out. In the mean time here is a new series I like to call Scenes from a Car Window, enjoy.

Friday, March 11, 2011

So much to say, so much to say.... is hard to know where to begin. Things have been a little crazy around here the past couple of weeks. We got our car back from the repair shop after a wee little accident (not our fault) and so far the insurance has been great and paid everything. I even had a nice rental care for a week. I really hated to give it back to tell you the truth.

  I got my seed catalog in the mail for the spring garden so it is time to order seeds and plants and get things started. I am going to buy some seed potatoes locally and get them in the ground next week. We started those too late last year.

  Today is iPad 2 day! So Mr. Sheep Shack will be ordering his new iPad today. Very exciting.

  I am in a total knitting mood and worked on my KAL sweater vest last night because I am lagging behind in the group and need to catch up. The rest of the group is ready to start their armhole decreases and I'm only half way there. You may remember that I have had a bit of a falling out with this project and it spend several days in time out in the knitting basket. I worked on socks yesterday as well.

 And this weekend I am going to a stash swap! Woot! That is going to be so much fun! It is being hosted by the very awesome ladies at Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg. The cover charge goes to charity and then you are on your own to buy/sell/trade your stash. Going to be so much fun! And my pal Jennifer will be there too, so a good time will certainly be had by all!

So I am in the beginnings of a three day weekend and there is just no telling what will happen this weekend so stay tuned!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Moving at the Speed of Light

I'm sure you've heard by now the iPad 2's will be out on March 11th, only six more days! And while I still love my iPad one and not going to rush out to replace it, if you don't have an iPad yet and are thinking of getting one, hang on! They're almost here.

The new iPad 2 will be sport a thinner sleeker design just in time for summer! Plus front and rear facing cameras and for those really productive types, HDMI out. Well you can use the HDMI for a lot of things, but you can use for presentations which is awesome, no more lugging around that laptop to meetings.

I used to use my laptop daily but since I had an iPad I turn it on about once a week. I do just about everything with it and the iPad 2 will make that even easier. Mr. Sheep Shack is planning on buying one so once we have it in hand I can give you a review.

You want to know what of the coolest features or add on for the iPad 2? The cover! Check it out!

iPad Smart Cover

What isn't moving at the speed of light is my knitting. I've been busy playing Puppet Master on the iPad and finally finishing up the Angry Birds game that my knitting is suffering big time. I need to start organizing my time better between my high tech and low tech fun.

Tell me what you do with your iPad......