Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day Three - Velvet Watch

Okay, this cat is not overly huge, but she is not petite by any means and I am amazed at the places she can squeeze into to hide. We find her we bring her out set her in our laps and pet her for a few minutes. Surprisingly the basset hound is not a problem. Velvet isn't over thrilled at the basset nose in her face. But the basset just can't wait for Velvet to come down and play.

Olive however, the very petite six month old kitten is the problem. She is having nothing to do with Velvet and does not want Velvet in the house. She makes quite a show of it every time they by chance are near each other.

Today we were outside for several hours working and came in and couldn't find Velvet anywhere. Mr. SheepShack was starting to get pretty worried. We looked under and behind everything in the house. Until, I found her on the table behind his computer. It's funny she hides behind his computer and when cramping herself onto the bookshelves, she lays on his books.

Well, I hope she comes out soon, and knows all is well here. I'm really starting to worry about her not eating.

In the mean time, I think I will show Olive some Simon's Cat movies.

Have you hugged something furry today?

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