Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 8 - Velvet and a Little Knitting

Well between Day 3 and today, Velvet has been coming out at night when the other animals are not in her part of the house and eating. Last night we closed off the living room from Lily and Olive and just sat in there with her as she hid behind a book case. We tried tempting her with toys of every shape and color, but it was the wine corks that did it. She finally crept out on her own and started playing with the corks we tossed in her direction. Then she started running from me to Mr. Sheep Shack and back for pets on the head. So hopefully now we will see more her and I get some cute photos to share.

In knitting news, I am in the process of binding off my lace shawl. The problem I have it that you jump from US 7's to 11's for the bind off and the stitches are very tight, it makes things a bit difficult. But I will muddle through.

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