Sunday, September 18, 2011

Once You Go Mac You Never Go Back

Dear Reader,

  I have been on a short hiatus, due to two events. The first, I was off for several days from work, to relax and enjoy life a bit and then had to go back..... the second, I decided that it was time to stop working on my Windows based laptop and level up to an iMac.... tada....

So the Sheep Shack writing corner is set up and ready for NaNoWriMo in November.
So the heat is on as they say.

In knitting news I finished a slouchy hat and circular scarf from my Malabrigo yarn, finished up those glomits and made progress on my shawl.

The weather here as also turned decidedly fall-like. It as 59 degrees last night and that is a bit cool for us this time of year.  So the urge to stay in and knit in the evening is quite strong. Time to turn on the knitting afterburners to prepare for the holidays.

Please don't forget the flood victims in the north east!

Happy Knitting.

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