Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zen and the Art of Stash Enhancement

The weather lately as been pretty typical for this area in August, heat (in the 90s), humidity( pushing the index over 100) and haze (added to swamp smoke).

But yesterday, we had a break temps in the 80s a nice breeze, the smoke was being blown in a different direction and made for an all around pleasant day so..... I went yarn shopping! I mean what else does one do on such a gorgeous day?

Okay yarn shopping isn't all I did, but it was a very yummy part of it. We drove up to Knitting Sisters where I indulged in some Malabrigo:

Malabrigo in Nostalgia colorway

And while I was there I noticed that the Sisters have started carrying Namaste bags and accessories, so I added the mini messenger bag to my collection:

We also went over to Riverwalk Landing in Yorktown and enjoyed the breeze off the river.