Saturday, June 4, 2011

Re-purposing in the Garden

So to me the thing about urban gardening is one, to grow fresh food yourself that is healthier than what you can buy at the store. And two, be self sufficient but not strain the environment around you, so we re-purpose items to be used in the garden year after year. Our latest project is rain barrels made from three olive barrels and one soda barrel.

We recently had new gutters installed on the house and purchased the larger size downspouts and then had them cut to accommodate the rain barrels. The barrels were purchased at an military surplus supply store and the faucets and related hardware was purchased at Lowes for less than $5 per barrel. We bought a length of 3/4 inch white hose when we then cut into smaller lengths to connect the barrels. These are located at the end of our garden so that we can easily water with them. 

The next thing we did this year to make better use of our garden space was to plant potatoes in tubs and buckets. Mr. Sheep Shack drilled holes in the bottoms to allow for proper drainage and I painted some 5 gal. buckets that had once held laundry detergent when they were new. It seems to be working nicely. 

This year I am trying my had with a fruit tree, we purchased a tangelo tree and placed it on the patio where it will get lots of sun, we put it in a pot so that we can bring it indoors in the colder months. 

Mr. Sheep Shack is out now looking for a lime tree and I have some mint growing as well, not reason why a bartender can't grow some of her own ingredients as well. Nothing like a freshly made drink! 


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