Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just So Much Fun Stuff Happening

It is hard to know where to begin. Well, first let me begin with the one thing I didn't think was fun......was anyone else disappointed with the update from Angry Birds Rio? I mean it was a little weak right?

Okay now to the fun stuff, so I'm totally hooked, sucked in, and can't live without J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I am  very fortunate that my local library carries them all as epubs, but even epubs have a waiting list and I really really need to read book 9, Lover Unleashed but there is a short wait list of 8 people so I am totally stuck with trying to find something else in the mean time, but not really wanting too, because I need book 9! Okay I will try to stay calm. But, the books are so good you get drawn into the lives of the characters quite easily. So I will have to go to my FictFact list and see whats next with some of my other favorite authors and find something good to read. (sigh)

My knitting has been all over the place lately, I've go two different pairs of socks on the needles that I feel like I have been knitting forever, I'm a miserable failure at KALs, because I set my sweater vest aside to do some knitting for a friend and so I still need to finish that, my KAL pals have theirs finished and have worn them at least twice already, so sad really. But, I did get a baby jacket done for a friend's soon to be born granddaughter and made a baby snuggle sack to go with it as a surprise. And then felt like a needed just a bit of mindless knitting so I whipped up a washcloth in unbleached cotton last night. Then worked on one of the socks. I'm just about ready to turn the heel and head up the leg!

We worked in the garden a bit yesterday too, that is looking wonderful, I just need more bees to come and visit my squash plants! They are starting to bloom and in years past with a lack of bees, I have gotten no actual squash. I bought all kinds of flowers to put around the garden and a humming bird feeder hoping the bees would be attracted to the sweetness. I have flowering jasmine everywhere, but I haven't seen very many bees. We do not use pesticides and like in our yard, so come one over bees, there a flower party happening here!

Yesterday we went out lunch after working in the garden to a new restaurant called the Quarterdeck, we had the crab cake and I also had the she-crab soup, it was wonderful! And the service was excellent! I mean really excellent!

Today, I will be working in the garden a little more and hopefully doing a little more knitting. It is such a beautiful day, the only thing is that we can still smell the smoke from the wild fires down in NC. I'm surprised because it there is very little breeze and no clouds to hold the smoke down close to the ground. I hope they are able to get that contained soon.

Happy knitting!

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