Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Birds are Coming and the Androids are invading!

Okay so not a great Orson Wells title...but unlike Mr. Wells story this one is actually true! No need to run screaming into the streets though, these little birdies will be landing on your iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Yes, the May update for Angry Birds Rio is coming out next week. So for all of us who have been waiting weeks and weeks will finally get a chance to get to the next level. Word has it that the Amazon App store will be the first place to down load the app. No word on the Android market place or iTunes. So keep an eye for brightly colored birds heading your way!

In other techie news, I finally got a smart phone. I resisted for a while because I have my iPad and I can do all things with that, except talk of course. And I had an inexpensive Straight Talk phone to solve that problem. But, things change and I needed to be able to access my google calendar and other accounts more easily. I got an Android phone. Now, I still haven't put a ton of apps on it, although I do have my Android version of Angry Birds Rio, but so far I like the phone. It is much easier to use than the last one if you want to hit the social networks, the phone capability is okay and I've not had any problems with coverage, but to me it is a mobile social device first and a phone second as far as it's layout and functionality. Now personally I totally despise on screen keypads. I don't use it much on the iPad unless I absolutely have to, I have a blue tooth keyboard. So the phone I bought is a Samsung Intercept, for the sole reason that it has a slide out keypad. Although I still have to use the on screen one to dial the phone, which is okay but not a huge fan of that, I get that it has to be on screen but it is a bit cumbersome in my opinion. I'm used to one hand dialing and that doesn't work so well with this phone. I have to hold it in one hand and dial with the other. But there are bigger problems in life, I suppose. I also went with the Virgin Mobile plan, because I get the same functionality and again so far no problems with coverage area, than I would with one of the "big boys" like Verizon or Sprint, but I'm not getting nickel and dimed to death over data services  or paying extra for 4G which isn't even in my area yet, so the heck with that. My advise don't shun the perceived "smaller companies" for your cell service, they usually piggy back on the coverage area of the larger companies and you pay less for the plans. Even when I had Straight Talk I never had a problem with the coverage area. The phone choices were limited as far as a smart phone option and the customer service while always nice was somewhat incompetent, I had things like my auto bill pay "accidentally" removed from my account and my service got shut off, when I called they were so nice and apologized for the error and got me back up and running in a matter of minutes, but  I don't need that sort of headache. I need to know that what I am paying for is going to work when I need it. Especially since I do not have a land line and this phone is my main source of contact for many people trying to reach me.  So far I'm totally pleased with Virgin Mobile I haven't had to call customer service for any reason since setting up the account and that is the way it should be. So overall, the Android phone is not bad. I like that I can sync my multiple Google accounts. The marketplace purchases aren't as smooth as iTunes and what is up with having to have a "top up" account for ringtones when you have a credit card associated with the account? Seems like they could stream line things a bit. But, this is the price you pay when you choose not to go with the iPhone.

You can read more in Android News and find out about a new 8.99 millimeter thin phone and the latest on the Android Tablet.

Now back to your regularly scheduled knitting.

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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Do you waste as much time as I do on Angry Birds Rio? LOL. And do you play Words with Friends? If so, we will have to get a game going. Back to reading the rest of your blog post.