Sunday, April 24, 2011

Getting the Garden Started

Well, we are out of danger of any more frosts, so it was time to get the garden started. I am still waiting for some items from the seed company, which are way late, but I now have tomatoes, zucchini, squash, and bell pepper plants in the ground. Still need to plant the beans and the cucumbers.

They are small and a little hard to see in these pictures. But they are basking in the early morning sun. 
This year after having added a second composter last year, we had enough compost to spread over the garden as well as in the two raised beds along with some organic fertilizer. 
We are trying some of that black paper to keep the weeds down this year, I haven't used it before so I am interested to see how it works. 

I have some collard plants that have gone to seed and planned to use them as green fertilizer but they are attracting so many bees, I have left them alone. We never seem to have enough bees, so I do what I can to entice them to our garden.  I wonder if you can see this little fellow working really hard this morning. 

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