Saturday, March 19, 2011

A "Super" Week

Well it  has certainly been an interesting and full week. Starting with last Sunday. It was the annual Stash Swap at Knitting Sisters and I took three bags of stash.

Some of it was some very unattractive gold acrylic, it did not find a home at the swap with another knitter but it did find a new exciting home. Knitting Sisters supports local area schools and groups that teach knitting and other crafts to children, so it found a home with a worthwhile group.

Then Lily is feeling more active with this unusually warm weather we are having and treed a raccoon at 7:00 in the morning, alerting the entire neighborhood to her triumph.
Yesterday, I had a fabulous day, it was nearly 80 and I was able to leave work early to meet some fellow knitters for lunch along the York River at The Riverwalk Restaurant. Anna, Cathy, Julie and I had a wonderful time, knitting, and chatting. After lunch Anna and I had time to sit outside along the banks of the river and enjoy the sun while we continued knitting on our KAL Sweater.

Tonight is the Super Moon, here is a little info:   Super Moon NASA

I am going to try and get some pictures tonight and will share them if they turn out. In the mean time here is a new series I like to call Scenes from a Car Window, enjoy.

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Nichole said...

I hope to get back down your way to make another visit to Knitting Sisters sometime!!!