Saturday, March 5, 2011

Moving at the Speed of Light

I'm sure you've heard by now the iPad 2's will be out on March 11th, only six more days! And while I still love my iPad one and not going to rush out to replace it, if you don't have an iPad yet and are thinking of getting one, hang on! They're almost here.

The new iPad 2 will be sport a thinner sleeker design just in time for summer! Plus front and rear facing cameras and for those really productive types, HDMI out. Well you can use the HDMI for a lot of things, but you can use for presentations which is awesome, no more lugging around that laptop to meetings.

I used to use my laptop daily but since I had an iPad I turn it on about once a week. I do just about everything with it and the iPad 2 will make that even easier. Mr. Sheep Shack is planning on buying one so once we have it in hand I can give you a review.

You want to know what of the coolest features or add on for the iPad 2? The cover! Check it out!

iPad Smart Cover

What isn't moving at the speed of light is my knitting. I've been busy playing Puppet Master on the iPad and finally finishing up the Angry Birds game that my knitting is suffering big time. I need to start organizing my time better between my high tech and low tech fun.

Tell me what you do with your iPad......

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