Wednesday, February 16, 2011

P P P Pages...

Okay if you aren't familiar with David Bowie, that title probably has little meaning for you..... But what it does me for everyone it the Pages program for the iPad.

I purchased it last night and I am so glad I did! I had been trying, and I stress trying to us PlainText, because it is Dropbox compatible, but that is the only thing it is compatible with. I couldn't get any documents no matter what format I saved them in to import from Dropbox. So I gave up. I went back to the App Store and investigated all the options and decided that the $9.99 price tag for Pages was worth it. And so far I am very pleased.

I've never been a big fan of Google Docs. I found it to be too limited. The Google Docs app is limited in that you can only edit your documents online. My specific requirements needed to allow for on and offline editing. I've mentioned my frustration with PlainText so that was out. So that sort of put me off the free text apps, so I started looking at the paid only apps for reliable options.

IA Writer comes highly recommended by the likes of Stephen Fry, and I love Stephen Fry and do not believe he would endorse anything not worthy of his time. IA Writer is Dropbox and iTunes file sharing compatible. But, I couldn't see where you could add pictures, and that is a feature I wanted to have. But, if you want basic text/document editing this program is currently on sale for $.99, can't beat the price.

So many of the other programs were "note taking" program not intended for serious document writing and many were handwriting based and not keyboard. But if that is your thing, there are some pretty good ones out there.

But, I went with Pages, for a couple of reasons, one, while not Dropbox compatible yet, it is compatible with iTunes file sharing and you don't have to change your Word document to something else like .txt. Pages allows you to work on line or off and also allows you to import pictures. It has your major editing features, like Bold, Underline, Italics, etc. And you have your on screen keyboard or your wireless keyboard to suit your personal needs. I use a wireless keyboard myself. I also went with Pages for the support, I don't want to have my documents on a program that one day is no longer supported and I'm sure Apple with keep their products up to date.

So if you want something a little more advanced that IA Writer I recommend Pages, if basic text and document editing and creating is all you need for on the go, writing the next great novel, then for the price, IA Writer is the app for you.


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