Saturday, February 26, 2011

Once you go Mac you never go back......

Today the new Macbook Pro's came out and we drove over to the Apple Store in Norfolk and bought one. Now, we have never had an Apple computer before, only recently having purchased the iPad and a year ago the iPod Touches and a Nano. So today after enjoy our other Apple products so much we decided to buy a Macbook.

Words can barely describe how excited I am and now impressed I am with this laptop even though is is only a few hours old and still the baby in the technology nursery here in the Sheep Shack.  The graphics are beautiful, I think that is probably and understatement and something everyone already knows even if you have never used a Mac you know they have awesome graphics, well its totally true. I wasn't sure how I would like something that doesn't use folders the way a Windows computer does, not I can't believe how archaic Windows and folders feel to me.  Everything being at the bottom of the screen in the "dock" is so convenient. Easy to find and makes computing a joy.

 We also got a great deal, with software and a printer, we purchased iWorks and it is normally $79, we received $30 off and then they had an HP all in one printer, copier, scanner for $99 with a $99 rebate, so free printer, that is wireless! So very happy happy people here in the Sheep Shack tonight.

My blog has never looked better than on the Macbook screen!

I still have my Windows laptop that I will continue to use as this Macbook really belongs to the hubby, but I think it won't be long before there is another one here.

If you are considering a Macbook, I would encouraging to not think about it another minute, run to the nearest Apple Store and if there isn't one near you, order it from where ever  you need to order from but get yourself a Mac.

If you do have an Apple store with in any driving distance it is worth the trip. They staff is awesome, we had a young man named Tim who sold us our Macbook and helped us set everything up in the store before we left so when I came home all I had to do was turn it on and start blogging! Apple support is the best!

Have a Mac'rific weekend!

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