Friday, January 7, 2011

Kick It!

Not only is that the opening lyric for the classic Beastie Boys tune "Fight for your Right to Party" but it is my new way of spinning and plying!

Meet my new Little Meggie:

It is mahogany wood and so beautiful. The camera started to protest after these two shots the rest didn't come out, so I apologize for the lighting.  
The folks over at Heavenly Handspinning are wonderful, not only do they make beautiful spindles that are truly pieces of functional art, but also shipped it out right away, I got my spindle in a matter of days after placing my order. 
I was looking for another wheel, but I wanted something more portable than my Ashford Kiwi, but I also had limitations on how large a ball I could ply so I also was looking for a new kit for my Kiwi that would allow for more yardage. Then I found this little beauty, totally portable, and no plying limitations. I can't wait to finish spinning some roving and try this little baby out! 

I've also started a new pair of sock for me. I am knitting the Van Dyke socks from Wendy Johnson's Book,  Socks from the Toe Up and I am using Patons Kroy sock yarn in Clover Colors. There is an errata for this pattern so if you are going to knit it, make sure you check Wendy's site first. It is a minor one, but important. I am loving the pattern and the yarn. Also the pattern is written for 4 double points so if you are using magic loop as I am, you will need to make the appropriate adjustments 

I hope everyone has a wonderful fiberlicious weekend planned. Stayed tuned more knitting tech updates coming! 


Knitwit said...

Beautiful spindle! My dog chewed up the one my husband bought me from Knitpicks for our anniversary and I am anxiously waiting for it's replacement to arrive. I'm new at spinning and was just getting the hang of it when Psycho Pup got hungry.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

It's a beauty. Have fun spindle spinning.