Saturday, October 30, 2010

So many things to share

With only 56 days until Christmas, the knitting needles are smoking! Here is a finished reversible hat and scarf set recently completed.

And a scarf in progress:

In the recent purchases department, there is my new Nameste Lugana bag, love it! And purchased it at a great store,  Hip Mountain Mama , highly recommend the site especially if you have little ones. They are fast and courteous. My bag arrived wonderfully packaged and quickly!

And we also recently replaced our old, ugly, clunky sliding patio doors for some nice new french doors here in the Sheep Shack! I love them!

Now just need to repaint the Sheep Shack and it will feel all new and pretty.

Well the needles await!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rain on the River

It was a little overcast and rainy here this afternoon. It reminded me of days on the water when it was raining and I wanted to share some pictures. It was a great day for vampires no sun!

It was also a good day for the Coasties.

I have just two more color stripes to do on a scarf tonight and that will be finished and I will start the matching hat. (That will be Christmas gift no. 2) making progress!

The yellow cardi was finished on time and worked very well with the navy blue dress!
I now have a pair of socks on the needles for moi, in a broad spiral rib pattern with Lorna's Lace Seaport colorway. Yummy!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Okay, I have a deadline of Wednesday the 13th for the cardi I am working on and by deadline, I mean I need to wear it on the 13th. I picked up the stitches along the front edge to add the ribbing trim as required and didn't like it. So ribbed it back and started over.

I had all of Saturday to work on it and again I have time uninterrupted time to work on it. So would you like to see what I got accomplished?

Puzzle 1

That's right, I finished a puzzle. I couldn't help myself. Fall and winter always give me the urge to work puzzles and a friend and I swapped puzzles last week and that is what I have been doing with my time. Puzzles are addicted I always have to find that next piece!

So today, no puzzles! Just laundry and knitting!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Proof of Knitting

I haven't posted any pictures recently and some might think I haven't been knitting much. The problem is I seem to be knitting and knitting and never getting anything finished. But, there is progress being made on the cardi I need by the 13th.

Vine Cardi 2

Vine Cardi

And of course, Lily is there to offer moral support.

Okay maybe not.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dog Owners Beware!

I just learned that our neighbor Daisy (Yellow Lab) and her human were walking in our local park with a couple of Laboradoodle friends and their human. They were splashing around in some of the standing water and the ditches and stuff from all the rain we had this week.

What they didn't realize or see what that one of the areas had a stormwater culvert. Daisy was sucked into it and the pipe is only 24 inches wide. Daisy came out the other side and was rescued by her mommy and taken to the emergency. Daisy is recovering but she did suffer cuts and scraps and had to get stitches in her face.

Please send healing drool to Daisy!

And I hope the City of Hampton, will consider putting grates over the culvert openings, the next time someone might not be so lucky, or it might be a small child!