Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moose Tracks

We have had two snow falls already this month here. Snow doesn't fall that often here and almost never in the month of December. Snow is more likely after January, so this year has been usually cold and wintry. It comes with mixed emotions, since we do not get snow that often when it does fall it is quite exciting and even the most mature person has the urge to run out and play in the snow. On the other had, trying to commute to and from work in it, jades my opinion of snow very quickly.

But, one of the fun things about snow is that it allows you to see things in a different light, you can see the tracks of animals normally hidden in the leaves or grass like these......

Moose Tracks?
Okay so they aren't moose tracks, but of a more lovable creature....


The wintry weather has added to the Holiday spirit and even our Tuesday Knitting Circle had an impromptu party, with our dear friend Jennifer surprising us all with these awesome knitty gifts! 

Pencils, note cards, note book and note pad all with a cable pattern! How clever!

Well all the packages have been sent, all the cards mailed, time to relax and knit without a deadline! Whew!

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