Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dog Owners Beware!

I just learned that our neighbor Daisy (Yellow Lab) and her human were walking in our local park with a couple of Laboradoodle friends and their human. They were splashing around in some of the standing water and the ditches and stuff from all the rain we had this week.

What they didn't realize or see what that one of the areas had a stormwater culvert. Daisy was sucked into it and the pipe is only 24 inches wide. Daisy came out the other side and was rescued by her mommy and taken to the emergency. Daisy is recovering but she did suffer cuts and scraps and had to get stitches in her face.

Please send healing drool to Daisy!

And I hope the City of Hampton, will consider putting grates over the culvert openings, the next time someone might not be so lucky, or it might be a small child!

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