Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well Dear Reader,
I have been a bit lacking the the blogging and knitting departments lately. I think I had myself spread a bit too thin and I am going to have to cut back on some things to get back to the things I enjoy the most. My knitting mojo went on a month long vacation, I only hope it went somewhere relaxing and is now back feeling refreshed and ready to get busy again. What few items I have managed to get off the needles have been without much enthusiam. So I'm looking for to the return of energized needles.
I spent the morning updating my stash inventory on Ravelry, it was long over due.

Also from the files of new and exciting, I just downloaded the Vogue Knitting app on my Ipod Touch, it is also available for your Iphone, I highly recommend it. It is a handy way to carry around your yarn, needle and book stash, so when your at the LYS you'll know exactly what yarn, book or needle you need. It also have a stitch dictionary, a how to and a conversion feature for yarn substitutes, to me that is worth the $3.99 just for that on my Ipod!

And who has seen the Karate Kid 2010 yet? I am not normally one for remakes, but I wasn't a huge fan of the first one, and I think this one will be better! I am a sucker for underdog stories anyway and Jaden Smith is adorable, and I'm a huge Jackie Chan fan, already. I have seen it yet, so no spoilers please!

I'm also waiting with baited breath for Eclipse! I have my tickets in hand and can't wait! Team Edward!

I planted some Pink Lace Bee Balm in the garden today, because my squash were having pollination problems. So hopefully a few more bees will help them out. All the insecticides and chemicals in our environment are destroying the bees! So I have planted the bee balm, and hung up a humming bird feeder, which hopefully will attract bees as much as the humming birds. Also, I have some Virginia Creeper or Trumpet vine and Star Jasmine so I hope they have plenty of good smelling flowers to bring them over to the garden. I hope they are also understanding when I go out to the garden to pick the veggies and do not sting me! LOL!

Well, I've enjoyed our time catching up today, I have some dish clothes to knit, a baby soaker to finish and some swatches to catch up on. I hope your weekend has been a good one and you have had some fiber related fun!

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