Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Young are You Today?

Yesterday was the day to fit in all my annual doctors appointments that I could possibly fit in one day. I do not like going to the doctor, as many people I would assume. All my doctors are quite nice. But they are always wanting to stick, poke or shine something really bright at you and it is not fun.

So at all but one of my appointments yesterday when the docotor came in, their first question was how young are you today? I realize, that they need to know your age to help treat, diagnose or torture you, I imagine, that persons of a certain are expected to have a higher level of pain tolerance than others. But, I find the question a little annoying. Perhaps they do not want to appear rude by directly asking a lady her age, depending on their up bringing I can almost understand that. But I felt like saying well today, I feel 20 years young, doc. See, I've decided that I'm kicking this aging thingn in the teeth and I am going only as old as I feel. Today I am off from work, it is sunny out, it's summertime. I think I am 20 years young today!

What do you suppose he'd say? If couldn't argue with you, if he was trying to be polite, and he might actually be forced to read my chart, where my date of birth has been clearly filled in on the form every year when I go in there. Being that he is a doctor and has been to numerous years of college, I would hope he could look at the chart do a little simple math and figure it out for himself. But maybe not.

So today, it will be warm and sunny, I do have to return to work, (insert annoyed look here) but I will not have people asking me how young I am today or trying to poke with me pointy objects so I think today I will be 25.

How young will you be today?

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