Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wifi upgrade for the nook

If you have a nook or are thinking of getting one you may have heard last week that they upgraded the wifi for it. It is easy to download and upgrade your nook but just plugging in the usb drive like you would if downloading a book onto your computer and then to your nook.

However, my thoughts on it after downloading and then going to the nearest B&N to try it out is "don't waste your time" it is frankly useless in my opinion. First, to navigate any webpage you may finally, eventually be able to upload onto your screen, is done by the color touch screen at the bottom, which works fine for books, and chapters of books or whatever, but not for a webpage, you are trying to navigate on a 1" screen the amount of scrolling involved is seriously annoying.

Not to mention the fact that my cell phones 3G is faster than the WiFi at the B&N and it wasn't the B&N hotspot for the nook it was an At&T hotspot, although I did try both and they both were so slow I was sure I'd go into menapause before anything came up on the screen.

If you want WiFi on a portable device bigger than your cell, my advice is go for the Ipad, you'll be much happier.

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