Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward

Well I do not care what the calendar says, to me it is spring, we have had several days with the temperature is in the high 60s and 70s and buds are popping out on all sorts of plants and last night was Daylight Savings Time. Time to spring forward an hour and while I a feeling the results of a lack of sleep this morning, it will be nice to come home from work and it still be daylight now.

There is a sense of renewed energy all around. You'll notice I changed the template for the blog, I felt the cold winter gray scheme need to go and warm weather always makes me think of boats and fishing and the beach so a change was in order. I hope you enjoy it.

In knitting news, yesterday was very productive, I finished a baby hat and a pair of booties to match the blanket I finished last week. Again, I'm going to wait to post the pictures, so not to spoil the fun for the recipient. I also started a baby bowl yesterday too, how fun are those! Super chunky yarn knits up quick. Gotta make more of those. I'll post a picture of that later today when it is finished.

In other news if your looking for a unique gift for yourself or a friend, something handmade or vintage I have a one stop shop for you!
Virginia Etsy Shops This is a collection of artisans located through out Virginia offering you everything from bath and body products, fiber related, vintage or wood crafts. It is a really amazing collection of artisans and products you "have" to go check it out!

Has anyone signed up for Annie Modesitt class yet? You gotta check that out too, a great value for your money, world renown teacher and you can take the class in your PJs! What more could you want?!

Time for some Fiber Fun!

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