Saturday, February 13, 2010

What one can do with a little time....

and some yarn. I am enjoying a little "me" vacation and was off yesterday. I stayed in where it was toasty warm and knitted. I have some friends expecting in the coming months and I want to knit them some baby things. I have not knit baby things before so I wanted to practice. I knit a pair of baby booties. I thought they came out pretty good, what do you think?

Baby booties 1

Lily is enjoying her vacation as well, with me home she doesn't feel the need to sit and guard the front door while I am at work.

Lily on vacation 1

As you can see even a door guarding machine like Lily needs a break once in a while too. And she seems to be taking full advantage. We did enjoy a stroll in the park, where her guarding instincts took over and when she spotted two other dogs with their owners at opposite side of a field, cleverly tried to run in the other direction in an obivous attempt to draw the preceived danger away from me. But, we were reassured all was well no danger and Lily was able to resume her peaceful stroll in the park. I must state in her defense that her past experience with large dogs has not been a good one and while she harbors no prejudice, she is careful until she knows for sure, that they are not a threat. I mean when you have 2 inch legs you most size up a situation quickly so you can respond appropriately.

Today is Olympic party time at Knitting Sisters I will be meeting a friend there later and we will be picking out Dale of Norway kits and enjoying a little yarn celebration! Party On!


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