Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Thumb..... most remarkable. It is made up of three bones, the distal phalanx, the proximal phalanx, and the first metacarpal. Just three bones and eight nerves, help us to grasp objects. We can grasp jars to allow the other hand to twist open a lid, we can hold small objects like a key or an earring; these are known as the power grip and the precision grip.

The thumb is more important in our daily lives than we realize sometimes, have you ever had the experiment in schools where you tape your thumb so that it cannot be used and then try to do every day simple tasks? It makes you appreciate the awesome abilities of the thumb, unless.....

You have a day when your all thumbs. That was me yesterday. While the thumb is amazing in conjunction with the other four fingers, it becomes quite difficult when those other four fingers get jealous of the thumb and tries to be more like their glory seeking finger sib.

For example, I was thirsty, went to the fridge for a can of coke, grabbed it with my left hand and with the right attempted to open it. But my right had in a fit of glory seeking wanted to be more thumb like and when I tried to open it I dropped it and the can when rolling across the floor. Well you know what happens to cans of coke when they've gone for a spin.... so skip the coke lets go knit on that knee sock I've been working on and took two days to find the pattern for so I could get the increases and decreases right. Popped a DVD into the player, no problem, settled into a comfy chair with my knitting, no problem. Knitted the first three stitches in a round and dropped two of them! I can see I'm going to have to have a chat with fingers 1-4.

It would seem the pep talked worked, and after a break from precision gripping activities everyone is back in working order and we are on our way to shaping the leg of the first sock.

Remember sometimes, our greatest strengths can also be our greatest weakness.

Now go have some fiber fun!

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