Sunday, January 3, 2010

Off to a Good Start?

Okay is it not a good start if it is already January 3rd and I have not cast on for the pattern in my new pattern a day knitting calendar? It is a throw, but I already have a different throw on the needles. I think that should count. LOL.

I knitted a glove in some boot sock yarn that I just love! But when it was done, I didn't like the glove, the gaps between the fingers were too evident despite having picked up stitches and the glove was too tight. So I ripped it all out and will have to try again, but now I am just too despondent over it to start it. I think I will start something else today in protest of my beloved yarn forsaking me and turning out badly.

I've been dying for a new bag and in desperate need of one; all through out the holidays hubby kept trying to buy me one. But, I'm a bag/container person and if I am going to carry something everyday we have to have a connection. It has to feel right and I cannot find a bag to replace my beloved (50 missions) bag. My hubby gave it that name. It was an inexpensive bag, made of green canvas with a leather flap. it has four compartments and can easily carry a book or mag. A knitting project plus my personal items. It is the perfect bag. But I have had it for years and have added patches to cover the holes worn in it. The liner vacated the premises years ago. And I have to admit I think my dear bag is ready for retirement.

But I can't find a suitable replacement, so I am thinking of knitting one today and trying that. Perhaps if I can knit one that will be "just right" It will really be more of a knitting bag than anything. My personal necessities are few, work ID, business cards, wallet, a few other small odds and ends.

And it is cold out there today, colder than it has been in years. The patio door is frozen shut! So good day to stay in and knit something!

Time for some Fiber Fun!

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