Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final FOs of 2009

I wanted to wrap of a few things before 2009 came to an end. I can't believe it is nearly 2010. I don't know where the year went!

First, some end of year fun stuff, NH Knitting Mama is having a contest over on her site, you have to go check it out! You can also check out her online retail store and her Ravelry group, which is way cool and has KALs and other fun stuff for you!

So to close out 2009 I finally finished a pair of stocks I had to take a break from after frogging them completely.


Then we have a scarf and hat set. I was trying to recreate a scarf pattern from memory and didn't get it quite right, but I think the results are better than the original, a totally reversible scarf and matching striped hat.


Plans for next year will include another attempt at knitting all my family members something for Christmas 2010. More charity work. I am still collecting hats for the homeless, and then I think I will do comfort shawls and blankets for cancer patients at the hospital. Your welcome to join me if you like.

And I think I will knit a few more things for myself this year.

I want to wish everyone a safe, healthy and joyous new year!

Lets go have some fiber fun!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in the Sheep Shack

While the turkey is baking and we are each having our turn on the phone with family and friends, time was spent creatively in the Sheep Shack.

First, there was some organization going on......

Waiting patiently to be spun.


Then a little craft project I have had on my mind for a while and finally had a few minutes to to do it. A little messy with the glue and corn husk wreath, but fun.




Great for those bits of left over yarn that are not enough for a hat or booties, but too much as a lead on the spinning wheel. And a scrap of ribbon.

What might the resident sheep non-herder doing while all of this is taking place?


You probably didn't really have to guess did you? I'm sure she will be awake in time for a little turkey.

We spent last night in traditional pursuits watching ghost/scary movies, including A Christmas Carol, the George C. Scott version, although I am partial to the Patrick Stewart version.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and can feel the warmth of friendship today.

Happy Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

And the Total Is....

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the Hats for the Homeless project, so far. We will continue to take donations through out the winter months so if you haven't had a chance to donate and would like to, please feel free. Hats, scarves, mittens/gloves, socks anything that might help warm a homeless person or family this winter is greatly appreciated.

We will be making the first donation to H.E.L.P on Monday so far we have collected:
20 hats
20 scarves
14 pairs of gloves or mittens
3 pairs of socks
3 earwarmers

Again thank you and if you would like to donate an item please let me know I will send you all the contact information you need. To sweeten the deal just a little, a donation of an item will put your name in the hat for 4 oz ball of Southdown Babydoll handspun.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Busy, busy

So many things are going it makes my head spin.
First, I'd just like to ask Mother Nature, to stop with the rain. I know water is important for the plants and everything, but my yard is underwater and frankly the trees do not look happy about it. If you must sprinkle something down on me I'd like to request snow, enough to close the office so I can stay home and catch up all this other stuff I have to do besides work 8 hours a day.

Okay back to fiber related things. It has been a week since I had the dye kettles singing but I haven't had a chance yet to spin any of that pretty roving up. I am planning to this afternoon.

This morning I have spent some time making updates to the Etsy shop. If you have time, stop on by, there are some new yarns. A little something for everyone. More will be added soon (as soon as I finish spinning it up).

I have a couple more Christmas gifts to finish and all of them to be shipped. I did manage to get the Christmas cards out this week though.

Today is filled with scented candles, Christmas music and more work in the studio.

Is there anything better than Bing Crosby singing Christmas songs?
Although I am partial to Mannheim Steamroller.

Do you have a favorite holiday song or musician?

Well, the weekend is upon, I hope you have something fun and fiber related planned.

Lets meet back here and share our weekend fun, shall we?

See you then!

P.S. Pictures are good!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Reason for this Year's Season....? apparently to see how far my sanity can be pushed before I have to be confined to a room with rubber knitting needles. Seriously, how is it possible that Christmas is essentially two weeks away and I am completely, utterly and totally unprepared? Me, the queen of turning the house into a winter wonderland that would make Santa kick the runners off his sleigh! One that any elf would be proud to live and work in. But this year, instead of a wreath on every door of the house, inside and out, instead of cute little Christmas soaps in the guest bath, with matching Christmas hand towels. I have a room that is half den/half fiber studio, a half empty bookcase waiting to be relocated to another room in the house, a weight bench waiting for a new home (Santa if your short a weight bench, stop by on your way out I can let you have this one for a song), bags of newly acquired yarn from an LYC that went out of business, (by bags I mean the big green ones you use to put your leaves in when raking the yard) I have wonderful cabinets, a table and a futon, in the garage waiting for the aforementioned bookcase and weight bench to be re homed so they can move in. I have Christmas cards scattered all over the table, gifts staring at me daring me to go another day without getting them in the mail.

How did all of this happen and so quickly? I feel like everything around me is moving at high speed and I'm standing on the side of the road with my eye closed!

Do you think the post office has an after Christmas sale for those of us who didn't get stuff mail before the holiday? hmm, perhaps not.

But I did get these finished since Thanksgiving....


A scarf for my sister-in-law and the hubby.