Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vacation Wrap Up with a Good Yarn

The rest of the vacation was wonderful. I spent two days spinning, dying and plying some fall yarn.


This is 70% Romney and 30% Mohair from a local farm owned by a dear friend of mine.

I then added some sock weight superwash to it that I had in my stash and made this:

3 ply

I'm whipping up a fall scarf with it and it is turning out wonderfully so far.

We also spent some time working under our house in the crawl space laying down some thick plastic to help protect the house from dampness and humidity which is a big problem in our area. It was hard work when you have to do everything from a kneeling position and then still bent at the waste. But it will help keep our home more comfortable and that is a good thing. But boy, did I have some sore muscles after that! Good thing I got the spinning done before I went under the house!

And now it is back to work, but that means carpooling which equals more knitting time! Hooray!

Hope ya'll are having some fiber fun!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day Four, much improvement

Well, day three is over and I am less stressed, the truck is fixed all is right in the world. But, I felt I needed a "me" day. So no painting was accomplished, I will deal with that tomorrow. Today, Purl and I went out for some girl time this morning in the fresh morning air.


She and I had a wonderful time together. Then I came back and took the repaired truck to meet a girlfriend for lunch. We went to a wonderful Thai restaurant close to the office. She is a dear friend, but blogless. However, what she lacks in blog, she makes up for in a small flock that includes Romney's, Angora goats and an alpaca and we worked out a deal at lunch today to offer her roving in the shop of Stitches and Stories. I don't have pictures yet, but I do have the price list and will be updating the shop back, so remember to click the sheep to the right to go to the main Stitches and Stories site to check out the new inventory. I have spun up her roving before and it is a joy to spin, nice long staple. I have a mohair/Romney blend that is just wonderful. I am spinning some of that now and will dye it and put it up on the shop page as well. Lots of yummy things for your fall knitting projects.

Tomorrow back to the painting, but it will be the last day it will all be finished tomorrow. Hooray! One step closer to the studio.

Go have some fiber fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Two and a Three

Now when I took this week off I have plan, real plans, a plan to get the fiber studio properly set up if not actually running. But that involved painting another room first, okay no problem it is a small room. So on day two of the vacation I ran out of paint applying the second coat. Okay I can handle that. Also on day too I took my little truck, the one that will be bring home new tables etc for the studio to get inspected. But it needed new brakes, okay no problem, but it had to stay over night, and there is this little hole in the muffler. The garage where I take it doesn't do muffler work, so now I have to take it someplace else and then back to them to get the necessary inspection "pass" sticker.

So what will day three hold in store? I'm guess very little painting, very little fiber related activities and running all over town trying to get this truck fixed. See, I take it up the street because I can drop it off and walk home without it taking half the day. But there isn't any place out within a walking radius of my home, so I am going to have to go sit and wait somewhere. Not that it is the end of the world, but this is not part of the plan

I had a plan, and I had a plan for a reason, after all I am a professional planner, okay not an event planner, but a development planner, but still I like to follow a plan.

I have roving begging to be spun, dye pots dreaming of being used. Yarn just lazing about waiting to be knitted and I'm running around with the truck.

So if your doing something fiber related today, hug some fiber for me, it is as close as I'm likely to get today.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day One

I am taking a week off from work, I don't think I have ever done that before. Maybe a day here and there but not five days in a row. I have one simple goal, with multiple steps. Set up the studio. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? Wrong!
To set up the studio I have to first paint a room and then move the exercise equipment into the newly painted room and out of future studio.
Easier said than done. Because at the moment the only thing standing in my way of accomplishing the first step of this goal is a ceiling. Yes, it appears that at some point in the recent past I decided that it would be easier to paint the ceiling than to tape it off with painters tape and leave it white. I'm not sure why I thought painting it was easier than taping it. It is possible that wine was involved or an over abundance of wool fumes, I can not say with any certainty, though.
Although I know is that I am the shortest member of this family and I have a roller somewhat attached to the threaded in of a mop handle attempting to paint the ceiling. My arms and the blister on my thumb are begging me to stop for the day, but my fiber studio is calling and urging me on!

Anybody feel like taking a break from their fall knitting to come paint a ceiling? No? Well it doesn't hurt to ask.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well, I thank each and every one of you, dear reader, who has been patient with me this week. I was in turn not so patient with my web hosting company, but despite the fact we had more down time than I wanted, we are up and running again with the new website!
I am so excited, www.stitcehsandstories.com it will still include the blog as you know it. But I have added additional pages and features. There is an online shop that is at the moment small but we will be adding new products all the time for both, knitters, crocheters, weavers and a few completed items for those folks looking for something handmade, but perhaps do not have the time to create it themselves. There will be variety of yarns, most of which will be hand spun and hand dyed.
I am working on creating a studio this week as well and will share pictures of that with you once it is complete.

So please, as you enjoy the blog, feel free to browse around the other pages as well!

Go have some fiber fun!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Little More...

I'm very sorry gentle reader, that the upgrade to the webpage is taking a little longer than expected. But I have spoken to the webhosting guru's and they assure me that in three hours all will be right with the world.

Thank you for your patience.


Sunday, October 11, 2009


If you have had trouble with Stitches and Stories the past 24 hours, accept my apologies. We are in the midst of an upgrade and it is taking a little more time than I had hoped.
But the changes will be exciting and I'm sure you'll like them, please stay tuned.

Thank you,

Now that Fall is Upon Us

What are some of your favorite fall projects? Do you like to create something in fall that you do not make any other time of year? Or do you change a favorite type of project to match the season? Like knitting socks, I always knit socks but in the fall I like to change the colorways to match my fall mood and the weight of the yarn I am using. I start knitting more sweaters and wintery kinds of things. How about you?

I love everything about fall. The vibrant colors, the reds, golds, yellows, and oranges. The brisk temperatures, the smell of hot apple cider, a wood fire, the sweetness of maple candy. The sight of roadside pumpkin patches, colorful mums, pumpkin spice lattes at the coffee shop, you just can’t beat fall!

Of course, there are all sorts of fall festivals, everything from apple festivals to wine festivals. Not to mention a few fiber festivals as wells. But, there is more to fall than just fiber, I know it is hard to believe isn’t it?

But, fall is football and tailgate parties, the World Series and trick or treating! Bobbing for apples, pumpkin carving and celebrating the harvest from the summer’s hard work.

And speaking of pumpkin carving and bobbing for apples, look who came to visit me this morning.

Little Kitty

He or she is quite young, no collar. I have seen him around before but I don't know who he belongs to. He likes to hang out around our yard. He wouldn't come close enough for me to pet him but he wasn't complete afraid either. I hope he has a home and that they keep a better eye on him. Also, he isn't solid black, he has a white tummy!

Go have some fiber fun!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Off to the Races

Recently they held the Knit, Place, Show event for knitters at Colonial Downs Race track in New Kent, Va. It was the first such event that paired knitters and harness racing, and it was a blast. There were door prizes and raffles from the various knitters’ stores there; it was quite a good time. I actually didn’t knit a stitch once inside. I was enjoying watching the races and I did make a wager or two, lost both times, but it was fun to try it.

But, plenty of knitting did get accomplished by my friend Connie; she finished her first hat and started another while watching the races. And my friend Anna, made great progress on a hooded scarf from the recent edition of Cast On.

We had quite a little group there and three of us were standing on the rail cheering on the winner of the second race, when the driver came over and offered us the chance to have our picture taken with the winner. We jumped at the chance, and have a lovely photo taken by the track photographer in the winner’s circle with the winning horse and driver. Very nice man, they gave us a copy so we are having copies made and I’ll post that soon.

And another exciting thing that happened was that a little girl probably about 12 years old, was there with the her family and kept coming over to watch Connie knit. She finally started asking questions and came a little closer, she told us she wanted to learn to knit to she could help people. I told her there were so many things she could do to help others with knitting if she wanted to and told her about the Preemie Project, the Prayer Shawl ministry and also told her she could come up with her own way as well, the possibilities were endless. She also said she wanted to knit socks for her and all her friends! The best part, was when her mom came over she promised the little girl she could take knitting classes if that is what she wanted to do. Wow how cool is that! I bet she does great things with her knitting.

horses,harness racing

Here is the latest hat from the Hatteras Hatters on a somewhat reluctant model. But she was a good sport!

Hatteras Hatters
Go have some fiber fun!