Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Warping Board Explained

Some of you have asked "what the heck is a warping board"? I don't blame you I didn't know what one was six months ago myself.

A warping board is a square or a rectangluar wooden frame with pegs, similar to dow rods place all the way around it. It is design for you to be able to weave your yarn around the pegs in such a way that it measure out a yard or 1/2 yard depending on the size of the board. You typically hang a warping board on the wall where it is easy to access and use. It is called a warping board because, the yarn on a hand loom that is "warp" or threaded and are the vertical threads in a finished product are called the warp. The horizontal threads that are woven between the warp threads is call the weft and is wound onto a shuttle of one kind or another.

Here is a typical warping board...


So tonight I have taken the yarn from the warping boardand I am warping or threading it onto my loom. This process can take several hours and since we are closing in on midnight here I think I will finish it tomorrow.

Have you hugged your yarn today?

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Dudes, I bought a warping board today for $25! My mentor at Colonial Fiber Arts emailed me to tell me someone had brought one in to sell. It is a small one but you can get about five or six yards on it. I've been using adjustable clamps, which work well enough when you don't have anything else, but who can pass up a board for only $25. I was down there in a flash and bought, and of course I had to pick up a couple of other things too. Just a couple of cones of 8-2 cotton. I mean I was there anyway, right?

Where to begin?

That is what I keep asking myself, there is so much going on and still so much to do that it is hard to know where to begin. First, a little catching up. Last weekend we went on a book scouting trip to Charlottesville, something we do a couple of times a year. The day was good, we spent a lot of time in our favorite bookstore and a little time in some of the others.

Then on the way home we stopped by Stoney Mountain Fibers about five miles outside of Charlottesville, if you haven't stopped by there, you are truly missing out! The quality of the roving and yarns made there are very special! Barbara only carries the best, in supplies, parts and equipment. Everything you need is there, books, parts, wheels, looms, needles, roving, balls, skeins, hanks, and cones of wool and cotton alike.

She has a website as well, if you are not in Virginia. If you are in Virginia, it is worth the drive!

I know I stocked up when I was there! And you can't find a more gracious hostess/shop keeper. Ready to help, answer questions, chat about the craft, or just let you browse. I really can't say enough good things.

In other news, tomorrow is the Knit, Place, Show at Colonial Downs racetrack! A day for knitters to come and knit and watch a little harness racing. A group of use are going and it should be fun. This is the first time I have gone to the Colonial Downs and I think this is the first fiber related day they have had there, should be loads of fun!

And I may have mentioned this before, but changes are coming to Stitches and Stories, exciting wonderful changes, so stay tuned. With everything going on, and all the preparations, I think everything will be in place by the end of October to include a new webpage and an online store. The webpage should be completed before the middle of October, so please stay tuned, it's going to be so much fun!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Hard to Knit in a Hot Tub

Seriously, it is. All that hot water churning around, your yarn could felt before you even had a chance to knit it. So while on vacation with 8 fabulous ladies, I put away the knitting and resorted to this...


A little later in the evening...


(I'm the one holding the camera) hehe

We had endless fun to include viewing some of the wild ponies of Corolla.

wild ponies

We caught these too trying to break into a beach house. I think they were looking for a party.

wild ponies

The scenery was beautiful too.

Blue Skies

Corolla Light

Saturday, September 19, 2009

So Much to Say

One of my favorite Dave Mathews Band and also my life this week. I am back from the Outer Banks and Charlottesville. I will be updating you tomorrow gentle and patient reader.
Please stay tuned many updates and changes are coming to Stitches and Stories.

Happy Fiber Fun!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So Much To Do....

so little time. Who ever came up with that one, would have better served humanity if they had figured out the solution. The blogging will be light the rest of this week I am afraid. But dear reader, I promise to reward your waiting when I return. I am headed to the beach this weekend and have many preparations to make in the mean time and I have no idea when I will get that done. For example today: This morning I Have an extra hour but nothing is open, I have an appointment at 9am, then a meeting at 11am, then lunch around 12, at which time I need to run and errand and pick up tickets for an event at the end of the month. Then back to the office around 1pm. Leave work at 5pm, but then I need to go to the grocery store, I've been putting it off and now the list is so long, I'll be in there an hour. We are out of everything. So I need to purchase items for my trip, which is girls only, so I need to stock up the house for hubby so he will not starve while I'm gone. (he wouldn't he cooks better than I do) but he has to have something to cook.
Then tomorrow, I want to go get my hair cut before the trip and I have more meetings tomorrow afternoon. So not sure if I will have time at lunch to get this done or not. And Thursday evening I need to come home and bake, I promised the ladies I am meeting at the beach to bring fresh baked goods.
Whew! Fun, but I'm tired just thinking about it.

There will be wonderful pictures to be sure and I have working on a couple of other goodies as well, but I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Happy Fiber Related Activity!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

One Thing Leads to Another

Okay, not only is that a pretty cool song, it is how my day has gone today. It started with doing the weekly chores, vaccuming, laundry etc. and somehow morphed into prepping the soon to be new craft room, for painting. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, it needs doing and badly. It is currently wasted space. But not the laundry isn't getting done, the hubby went out for some recreational hardware shopping. The dogs keep trying to follow me around the house, but they have finally given up and are now sleeping off in a corner somewhere. Well Lily is somewhere, and Rosie is under the computer table. She is the official supverisor and must be where you are at all times to make sure you are doing it right. Whatever "it" might be.

Well I've had a break now, time to get back to it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Sock Knitter!

Slowly but surely I am attempting to recruit new knitters and new sock knitters at that!
Cathy is this fabulously wonderful lady who works in the same building, she has a gift for getting the most difficult gi-normous plans scanned in the system. This is of course only one of many talents she has. She is most recently become an accomplished sock knitter! Hoorray! Three cheers for Cathy! This is only her third pair of socks! Isn't it gorgeous! She uses two sets of circs, which if you ask me isn't for the faint of heart, I'm lucky to be able to handle one.

Cathy's Sock

She has started the second sock in this pair and the colors are perfectly lined up! Don't you just envy people who do that!?

Next will be Lynne, she works in the same department as I do and is going out to buy needles and yarn this week so that I can teach her to knit as well. She will be starting with a scarf so we should have new pictures soon, stay tuned....