Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Twist on an Old Favorite

Around here a big breakfast consists of potatoes, bacon, biscuits and eggs. Sometimes grits depending on who was cooking. It has been that way since childhood. As an adult I saved that sort of special feast for Sundays. Now as an adult who prefers to be a little more health conscious, I have a new twist on this meal, that is so yummy, I won't mind the substitutions at all and since it is only once a week it is even that much more healthy by adding in the moderation factor.


That is scrambled free range eggs, with fresh bell pepper, tomato, onion and smoked gouda cheese. Fried sweet potato using olive oil, smoked turkey bacon and 100% whole wheat bread lightly toasted with apple butter. I was experimented with the sweet potatoes and was surprised at how much I enjoyed them!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Two at a Time

This has been such a busy week filled with all sorts of things. I am working on Christmas gifts this week because it will be here before you know it!

First, and you knew this was going to be here right? Socks!


Here's a close up.


These are so soft and yummy, the yarn is Cascade 100% Peruvian highland wool in Color Number 9404 (I think the ink is smugged) and Lot number 8768 it is a green/black blend.

They are being knit on size 4 circs. in men's size 10 with a ribbed cuff and stockinette stitch leg and foot.

Then is my first attempt at cables, I was so intimidated by them for so long they just "looked" difficult, well this is just a basic cable and so easy and fun I can't believe I haven't tried them before now! What was I thinking?! I have been missing out on all kinds of fun!


Naturally, that is a scarf, some people knit washcloths or other small items when trying a new pattern, I knit them into scarves.

I signed up for a summer reading club at the local library, anyone have any suggestions for summer reading fun? I tend to get into heavy historical types of books and while I enjoy them, they are not condusive to lighter possible fiction summer fun reading that I can read one a week. My favorite author doesn't have a new book out yet, so I am looking for new authors to try.

Happy Knitting and reading everyone!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I think it is important that your wardrobe and accessories coordinate, don't you?


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Please be patient, we seem to be having technical difficulties here. For some reason I can not copy and past pictures into my blog today.

Please stay tuned we will have this resolved as soon as possible.

Continue knitting.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Letting the Days Go By...

"Once in a lifetime" (Talking Heads 1984)

Ever been somewhere see something unexpected and simple and it reminds you of when you were a child? Yep, me too!
I was in the dollar store in the mall grabbing something to drink the other day when I saw something that suddenly reminded me of bright sunny summer days of childhood.

Does anyone else remember these?

adult beverages,summer fun

How much did you enjoy those, with the Tang dripping down your arm!

Well these gentle reader are orange juice pops that have kept up with the times, because these yummy little treats are for adults only! YUMO!

So as I sit on my patio enjoying this tasty treat and the sun is hot and there are white billowy clouds. It could easily be a summer day from childhood with something containing orange juice dripping down my arm, "same as it ever was."

With a quick toast to David Byrne, Happy Knitting y'all.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pedro Cottontail

As you know I am working very hard to have some sort of success in the garden this year. We have cherry tomatoes, Better Boy Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, pole beans, bell peppers and hot peppers.
Recently, it has become apparent that the rabbits have figured out Lily's schedule and they know when the most fearsome rabbit chaser stays in and when she comes out, so they started eating my bell peppers. Wanting to keep these organic, I planted some hot peppers next to them because rabbits reportedly do not like hot peppers. Then I made a 30% solution of garlic, Texas Pete and water. I sprayed the bell peppers with it. The next morning I went out and the peppers had been eaten even worse! They chomped right on that garlic and hot sauce solution! The rabbits liked the hot sauce! So I relocated some of the peppers into a protected raised bed and put a fence around the others. They seem to be handling the move and even have tiny little peppers on them.

We have had a week of clouds and thunder but very little rain. It is in fact thundering right now with a tornado watch, but the isn't raining very much.

So I watered everything from the rain barrels tonight. I hope we get some rain to fill them up again.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The garden is starting to take off, these were taken earlier this week.




We are starting to get cherry tomatoes and squash but so far nothing else is producing yet. But it is early yet. So I'm still hopefully.

Winged death! Yes, I found this in the kitchen I know he probably came in the back door and was making his way back the stash storage area,well I had other plans for him! Sorry the picture is so blurry.

In knitting news, I have started a new pair of socks, pictures tomorrow. These have a deadline so I had to set the ragland sweater down temporarily.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getting It Done

Yesterday, I decided after the typical household creativeness (mopping the floors and folding the laundry, as it was clear no one else was going to do it) I decided some spinning was in order.
My blogless friend Anna, gave me some of her home grown roving. It is 30% Kid Mohair and 70% Romney. This stuff looks soft and fuzzy, but don't let it fool you, it is strong as iron!



Also, check out the link for Madsen bicycles to your right. They are awesome, especially for those of you in city or urban settings that have the ability to use a bike. These are great for a day of shopping at the market, everything will fit in the cargo box, no more wimpy baskets! You can even put small children in there!
Rosie says it is the perfect size for a bulldog who is too tired to walk!


Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh to Pass the Time on a Summers Day

It is cloudy and sort of yukky here today, if you had the mind for a bright sunny summer today in which to welcome pirates with; but if you are sort of person who is into gray, and clouds and the kind of stillness all around that is brought about by weather that keeps everyone inside, it is then a perfect day.

Days like this my creative mind runs wild, all is quiet, I have the house to myself the possibilities are endless, I could paint that room I've been trying to paint for a month now. I could relax with some knitting or spinning. I could clean, oh hang on, lost control there for a minute. A good book is perfect for a day like today.

And then I read a book such as this: The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brockett

And it makes me want to bake lovely cakes like she, and learn to quilt and sew and knit something extrodinary.

I know this book as been out for a little while and there probably aren't many people left who haven't read it, but if you are one, please read it, it is simply wonderful!

You can find Ms. Brockett's blog here: Yarnstorm
It does leave me with one question though, why doesn't my laundry look that good when hanging out to dry?

Excuse I feel the need to go art up something around here and take a picture of it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

How I plan to apPLY myself

Today is Thursday, normally an average day, one day closer to the weekend, on the downhill slide from Wednesday. But this Thursday is special, because I have it and Friday off! I self made four day weekend! The house is oddly quiet, dogs are sleeping, neighbors and hubby at work. The possibilities are endless, I can do whatever I want today and not disturb anyone or create too much noise. What shall I do?

I will play with the spinning wheel. She is sitting there in the corner waiting patiently having spun all the yarn I gave her last week. Today I think she and I will ply some of that yarn.

A fun filled day with the spinning wheel!