Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in the Sheep Shack

While the turkey is baking and we are each having our turn on the phone with family and friends, time was spent creatively in the Sheep Shack.

First, there was some organization going on......

Waiting patiently to be spun.


Then a little craft project I have had on my mind for a while and finally had a few minutes to to do it. A little messy with the glue and corn husk wreath, but fun.




Great for those bits of left over yarn that are not enough for a hat or booties, but too much as a lead on the spinning wheel. And a scrap of ribbon.

What might the resident sheep non-herder doing while all of this is taking place?


You probably didn't really have to guess did you? I'm sure she will be awake in time for a little turkey.

We spent last night in traditional pursuits watching ghost/scary movies, including A Christmas Carol, the George C. Scott version, although I am partial to the Patrick Stewart version.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and can feel the warmth of friendship today.

Happy Christmas!

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