Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hard work and other fun

I have been working all morning converting our den to my new studio. I have been moving books for hours and bookshelves and other things and I feel like I am no closer to having this done than when I started. The hubby is wanted to add a new Internet drop for me today but I have to get some other things done first. He is so sweet. He bought me a new laptop yesterday so I can have a nice new one for the studio. I am loving Windows 7 and I didn't think I would.

I have finished a scarf this week and am steadying knitting some socks and an afghan still. I went to Knitting Sisters yesterday and bought some new sock yarn. Now I want to knit with that instead of what I am using. And the sock yarn I thought there last week.

We are finally starting to dry out a little from the Nor'easter. We have been running our submersible pump to help get the water off the patio. It is sunny and warm here today finally. I hope we have a few days of sun to help everyone dry out, so many people have water in their homes.

And update on the Hats for the Homeless project, I have about 8 hats so far and 19 scarves. Remember if you want to donate a hat or scarf, email so I can put your name in that "hat" for the roving or hand spun. And to send you the mailing address.
I anyone would like to donate a "prize" for the drawing please email me.


Can you believe Thanksgiving is nearly upon, I have to decide what to make to take to the family dinner this year! Yikes!

Don't forget to have some fiber fun today.

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