Saturday, November 21, 2009

Can You Believe?

Okay, I am so unprepared for the holidays. I can't even believe Thanksgiving is essential here. We will be dining with the family at my Aunt's so everyone brings something or a couple of somethings so no one person is responsible for cooking the entire meal. It is so much fun and we always have great food and fun.
So I went shopping this evening for what I needed for my dishes. I went later in the evening thinking everyone else would be done and out of the store, wrong, wrong, wrong! And they hadn't had a chance to restock so they didn't have all the ingredients I needed. So off to another store tomorrow. ug.

I am in complete denial that Christmas is 4 weeks away, yes, in case you haven't checked your calendar lately, because you have been busy knitting, I said 4 weeks away! Honestly I can't think about it. I am usually decorating for Christmas Thanksgiving weekend, and I don't think that is going to be happen. The studio is still in transition and I just cannot bring myself to decorate for Christmas without having the studio finished.

In other news, there is a Stitches and Stories group on Ravelry, come join us we are having a blast over there.

I am knitting the mate to a sock. A plain ribbed sock and also still working on the comfort blanket.

The Etsy shop is stocked and there is some roving looking for a new home.

And I am spinning some purple wool roving and thinking of plying of a strand of gold cotton in with it.

I hope everyone is having some fiber fun!

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