Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Two and a Three

Now when I took this week off I have plan, real plans, a plan to get the fiber studio properly set up if not actually running. But that involved painting another room first, okay no problem it is a small room. So on day two of the vacation I ran out of paint applying the second coat. Okay I can handle that. Also on day too I took my little truck, the one that will be bring home new tables etc for the studio to get inspected. But it needed new brakes, okay no problem, but it had to stay over night, and there is this little hole in the muffler. The garage where I take it doesn't do muffler work, so now I have to take it someplace else and then back to them to get the necessary inspection "pass" sticker.

So what will day three hold in store? I'm guess very little painting, very little fiber related activities and running all over town trying to get this truck fixed. See, I take it up the street because I can drop it off and walk home without it taking half the day. But there isn't any place out within a walking radius of my home, so I am going to have to go sit and wait somewhere. Not that it is the end of the world, but this is not part of the plan

I had a plan, and I had a plan for a reason, after all I am a professional planner, okay not an event planner, but a development planner, but still I like to follow a plan.

I have roving begging to be spun, dye pots dreaming of being used. Yarn just lazing about waiting to be knitted and I'm running around with the truck.

So if your doing something fiber related today, hug some fiber for me, it is as close as I'm likely to get today.

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Cathy said...

Well, you can at least knit in public. And I've been known to spin on a spindle while waiting inordinate lengths of time. And an MP3 player with an audiobook. They all help.