Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Warping Board Explained

Some of you have asked "what the heck is a warping board"? I don't blame you I didn't know what one was six months ago myself.

A warping board is a square or a rectangluar wooden frame with pegs, similar to dow rods place all the way around it. It is design for you to be able to weave your yarn around the pegs in such a way that it measure out a yard or 1/2 yard depending on the size of the board. You typically hang a warping board on the wall where it is easy to access and use. It is called a warping board because, the yarn on a hand loom that is "warp" or threaded and are the vertical threads in a finished product are called the warp. The horizontal threads that are woven between the warp threads is call the weft and is wound onto a shuttle of one kind or another.

Here is a typical warping board...


So tonight I have taken the yarn from the warping boardand I am warping or threading it onto my loom. This process can take several hours and since we are closing in on midnight here I think I will finish it tomorrow.

Have you hugged your yarn today?

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