Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Sock Knitter!

Slowly but surely I am attempting to recruit new knitters and new sock knitters at that!
Cathy is this fabulously wonderful lady who works in the same building, she has a gift for getting the most difficult gi-normous plans scanned in the system. This is of course only one of many talents she has. She is most recently become an accomplished sock knitter! Hoorray! Three cheers for Cathy! This is only her third pair of socks! Isn't it gorgeous! She uses two sets of circs, which if you ask me isn't for the faint of heart, I'm lucky to be able to handle one.

Cathy's Sock

She has started the second sock in this pair and the colors are perfectly lined up! Don't you just envy people who do that!?

Next will be Lynne, she works in the same department as I do and is going out to buy needles and yarn this week so that I can teach her to knit as well. She will be starting with a scarf so we should have new pictures soon, stay tuned....

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Nichole said...

and they're some pretty socks too!