Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weaving and Poll Results

The votes are in and 60% of us describe ourselves as fiber artists of some type. Good job, now the question is how do you act on that? How many people know you are a fiber artist? Do you put it out there, say by wearing what you make or making things for others, or is it something you do in the spare bedroom and no one knows about it outside of your family? I'm a fiber artist! Say loud, say proud!

Thanks to everyone who voted! Your awesome!

I have finally attempted to use my table top loom. I started playing with it last week and when I got to the point that no youtube video was going to help, I schleped it down to the store where I bought and got my first lesson. The owner is so nice and patient. I was down there all day, she show me how to correct a couple mistakes and left me to it,so she could tend her customers then came back to check on me and helped me get to the next step and now I am weaving mug mats! I'm so excited! I'm already planning my next larger project, perhaps a scarf? hmmm. Maybe some table linens.

So much fiber so little time!


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