Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Making Progress

I finished the mate to a sock this week, I ripped out a wrap I was working on because I wasn’t liking how it was turning out at all. I started another pair of socks and looking for a more suitable wrap/shawl pattern that I will enjoy. I spun almost all day on Saturday, some very yummy Kid Mohair and Romney. I haven’t quite decided what it shall be, but I haven’t quite finished spinning it all yet either, so I need to see how much there is when I’m done and then I can plan for it’s next life as something wearable.

The Hatteras Hatters are going strong and making amazing progress, I think we will have one or two FO’s soon to share with you. These ladies are troopers and very determined! I think we definitely have two new/renewed knitters here!

I finished my first weaving project. As soon as I put a hem in it, it will morph into six mug mats. I have to say that my first weaving project went better than my first sock project! But, just about anything would I suppose. But I am encouraged that I may be able to produce some lovely woven items very shortly. Which is good because there are only 128 knitting days left until Christmas. (That includes Christmas Even, you know just in case)

Has anyone else started projects for the holidays?

Happy fiber everthing!

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Cathy said...

Oh, yes. I have a pair of socks done for the SIL. And I might be thinking hats in general for most of the rest.