Saturday, August 1, 2009

How Do You Describe Yourself?

I was doing a little web surfing this morning and I found this great website and film, Who Does She Think She Is? and as I watched the trailer I started to think this how ironic this is, because just this week I had a conversation with my husband and a friend about how we identify ourselves. I identify myself as a fiber artist, not by what I do between 8-5 every day. There are a couple of reasons for that, the first, while at 5pm my identity that pays the bills ceases to exist, but I am always a fiber artist, finding ways to fit knitting or spinning on breaks during the day. I always have at least one sock project with me and sometimes my drop spindle. I often help others and they help me with my knitting in a variety of ways through out the day.

The second reason, is that I do enjoy what I do to an extent. It is certainly more enjoyable than many other jobs I have had, but it is not who I am and therefore, if I allow it to become such, I feel it would be a source of great stress. Now, if I did fiber related things between 8-5pm that would be a different story, but at the moment I do not and I am very careful to not let the day job interfere with who I am. I feel I am a much happier person because of this.

I encourage you, if you haven't already to think about how you identify yourself, when someone asks you what you do, what do you tell them? I have added a poll in the sidebar on the right, I hope you will take a moment to participate.

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